Code: PCS-L

Large Portion Control Scoop – Stainless Steel

£58.00 each

Large. 133mm L x 122mm W x 65mm H

10oz (284g). 130mm Handle

MAXIMISE Your Profits with Drywite Portion Control Scoops.

  • The ideal range of Portion Control Scoops
  • One Scoop, One Portion… Hassle Free!
  • Manufactured in the UK

Confidently state the average size portion of chips served

Fish friers are being encouraged to give consumers the opportunity to make more informed decisions, by standardising and expanding their range of available portion sizes.

To help we have designed and tested a range of chip scoops to allow friers to confidently state the average size portion of chips served.

The scoops have been designed to ease chips past the edges and avoid costly damage to the chip. With rectangular shape the new scoops fit square and round pans alike.

In three sizes to suit 6oz (170g) 8oz (226g) and 10oz (284g) the range allows a one scoop weight controlled portion.