Code: DAS-25

Drywite All Seasons Potato Preparation 25kg


Specifically developed for potatoes to be fried, our most versatile potato treatment, All Seasons, not only provides an extended shelf life of 7 days, but it also helps remove excess starch and sugars from the potato – the attributing factor to the formation of acrylamide on cooked potatoes.

By removing the excess starch and sugars this powder-based solution reduces caramelisation in the frying medium and this, in turn, prevents dark fried potatoes.

When choosing All Seasons, you can be assured of a high-quality final product with less potential wastage all year round – a full value choice!

  • Dose guide: 5 grams per litre
  • Dwell guide: 4 minutes for whole peeled potatoes, 90 seconds for chips and wedges
  • Available in 25kg containers
  • Measurable by conductivity

Learn how to make the perfect chip with Drywite Potato Preparation Products.

Learn from the professionals about the correct preparation, processing and frying to ensure your chips are cooked perfectly every time they leave the frier.