Code: DAS-2.5

Drywite All Seasons Potato Treatment 2.5kg

£30.00 each

6 x 2.5kg per pack.

  • Premium quality, dry and white chips all year
  • Formulated to work even on increased sugar potatoes
  • Reduces the formation of acrylamide on chips
  • Technically superior for a superior frier
  • Single use product

Premium Quality Chips throughout the whole year

Drywite All Seasons has been developed using more than 90 years’ experience to provide cost effective variable dosing for use all year round.

Drywite All Seasons has a positive effect in stabilising the free sugars and starch found in potatoes, a key component to protect your oil and help in the reduction of Acrylamide formation upon frying.

Drywite All Seasons was developed for use all year round and has been used in the UK’s two main Frying Schools, who now recommend its use as part of their best practices. As the name implies, the major benefit of Drywite All Seasons is that it has been developed to address seasonal variations in the quality of potatoes. Winter or summer, old potatoes or new potatoes, Drywite All Seasons will aid in controlling the natural variation in sugar within the potatoes used, to improve your end product.

For most of the year you will require a standard dose. However, when sugar levels are higher you can increase the dose to suit. This variable dosing allows you to take control and address the issues of high starch and sugar levels causing darkening of your frying medium.

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