Code: DW2-2

Drywite Powder Formula No.2 Potato Preparation

£21.00£150.00 each

Various sizes.

  • Prevents discolouration in fresh cut chips & peeled potatoes
  • Treats 8 portions for under 2p
  • Keeps chips fresh for up to 48 hours – reducing wastage
  • Economic and profitable with consistent quality
DW2-22.5 Kg Drywite Powder Formula No. 2. Packed 6 per case.£21.00 each
DW2-66 Kg Drywite Powder Formula No. 2£42.00 each
DW2-2525 Kg Drywite Powder Formula No. 2£150.00 each

6 Steps to the perfect chip…

Having chipped potatoes directly into a Drywite 25 Gallon Chip Bin (code SI-25). Thoroughly rinse chips to remove starch.  Drain Bin of water by removing Rubber Bung. When drained replace Rubber Bung.

Using a Drywite Solution Mixing Bucket (code DMB), mix Solution as follows: Fill the Bucket up to the 25 Litre mark with cold water.

Add one 25 gram of Drywite Formula No.2 Powder or Drywite All Seasons Powder, using the measure attached to the bottle cap. Mix thoroughly.

Add the solution to the chip bin by pouring over the chips. Repeat process 2(ii) until chips are fully covered.

Soak the chips in the solution for exactly 15 minutes.

After soaking the chips for 15 minutes, drain the solution away by removing the rubber bung.

After draining allow the chips to dry for at least 1 hour. Store in cool (10ºC), dry conditions, chips will remain dry, white & ready to fry for at least 48hrs. 


For perfect crisp fried chips, fry at 188ºC to 196ºC.