Code: FPW-25

Drywite Fresh Produce Wash 25 Ltr

25 Litre

Fresh Produce Wash is a powerful, pathogenic bacteria kill, liquid solution widely used across the UK and Europe. Particularly effective at eliminating E. coli and Listeria, Fresh Produce Wash is made from food grade ingredients and is classed as NON-HAZARDOUS under EU regulations.

In addition, Fresh Produce Wash is classed as a PROCESSING AID so there are no labelling requirements! Further benefits of using Fresh Produce Wash include:

  • No taint or taste post-treatment
  • No need to rinse – your treated produce will be ready to eat
  • No odour
  • Addresses soil and pesticide residues
  • Easy to dose

Click here for laboratory undertaken bacteria kill trial results

  • Dose guide: 400/1
  • Dwell guide: 2-4 minutes
  • Available in 25 litre containers and 1000 litre IBCs
  • Measurable by Test Strips