Code: MMB

Maltflaven Mixing Barrel

£39.50 each

22 Litres capacity (5 gallons).

Spares & Accessories

MMB-TSpare Tap & Washer for MMB£5.50 each
MMB-WSpare Washer only for MMB£0.50 each

Benefits of Buying Concentrated Matlflaven

If you, like many Fish Friers, use non-brewed condiment (NBC) in preference to malt vinegar you will appreciate the benefits of buying concentrated Maltflaven.

Maltflaven will not deteriorate, even in a warm environment, and so has an indefinite shelf life. Generations of Fish Friers understand that their customers prefer non-brewed condiment on their Fried food, producing, as it does, fewer odours and leaving them to enjoy their meal.

The vent cap (illustrated) allows you to decant your diluted Maltfaven from the barrel without removing the cap!