Mobile Flour Bins

£180.00£220.00 each

Available in various sizes.

White polyethylene with clear acrylic lid.

Height includes wheels.

This product is unfortunately moulded as a lid and bin together and spare white lids are unavailable to purchase separately.

Only the flap is available separately at this time.

R1000365 Litre Mobile Flour Bin. Holds approximately 32 Kg of plain flour. 600mm L x 300mm W x 740mm H.£180.00 each
R1000490 Litre Mobile Flour Bin Holds approximately 45 Kg of plain flour. 580mm L x 380mm W x 740mm H.£195.00 each
R10005140 Litre Mobile Flour Bin. Holds approximately 72 Kg of plain flour 580mm L x 535mm W x 740mm H.£220.00 each

Spares & Accessories

R10003LAcrylic Flap - Acrylic flap for R10003 Mobile Flour Bin.£22.50 each
R10004LAcrylic Flap - Acrylic flap for R10004 Mobile Flour Bin.£25.00 each
R10005LAcrylic Flap - Acrylic flap for R10005 Mobile Flour Bin.£33.50 each